I got vaccinated!

On Saturday Morning, I could finally find appointments for vaccination for my husband and myself. I was very happy, because here in Germany some of the “freedoms” are coupled to a complete vaccination status. Of course this is mainly a very egoistic reason, but I suppose many think the same way. But I also highlyContinue reading “I got vaccinated!”

and suddenly, she stood

Today was quite a crazy day, which is why I decided to write a blog post today. First of all, I’m finally back at work! It’s such a good feeling being back. Even though there are so many IT and HR problems to solve. I would never have thought there could be that many ofContinue reading “and suddenly, she stood”

enjoying the sunny day

Yesterday we were enjoying the sunny day outside in the forest. With some minor hiccups in the beginning, it was a very nice day in the end.


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