kindergarten update, office and beergarden

Tomorrow is our daughters first day in the kindergarten and we had to prepare for that. Other than that, I met with some colleagues in a beergarden and decided to go back to the office for some days. Now I know why some people have fotos on their desks…

back and forth with the kindergarten

We finally got a spot for our daughter in the kindergarten, sympathic teacher, nice building, closeby. Only the starting date is a bit challenging…


Finally summer is here! We are currently visiting the grandparents again. They are living in small villages close to Berlin and both of them have their own houses with really nice gardens. Since it is finally summer and really hot these days, it is very nice being able to work from the garden and takeContinue reading “pooltime!”

I got vaccinated!

On Saturday Morning, I could finally find appointments for vaccination for my husband and myself. I was very happy, because here in Germany some of the “freedoms” are coupled to a complete vaccination status. Of course this is mainly a very egoistic reason, but I suppose many think the same way. But I also highlyContinue reading “I got vaccinated!”


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