kindergarten update, office and beergarden

Wow I haven’t written anything in a while, so I guess it’s finally time for an update.

First of all: tomorrow is our daughters first day in the kindergarten! Especially I am excited about it! I believe my husband is not that excited, for him, it’s more the point of having some “free hours” once she’ll be really going there, so after the acclimatization phase. We had to collect and buy many things that she’ll need for the kindergarten. I wasn’t imagining it would be that much. We had to buy clothes for rainy days, more clothes in general, shoes, slippers, a mug for the kindergarten, a seating pillow, diapers and care products and so on and so forth. But we were able to collect all the things and now she’s ready for her first day.

Since two weeks now, I am going to the office at least for some days each week. First I only wanted to go there on Mondays, as I’m meeting with a colleague and it’s feeling good to have some social contact during work again. But then I found that I can concentrate and focus much better when I’m in the office. Of ourse actually this is only logical. The baby is not here and I don’t hear her constantly. But still it feels very weird not seeing her that much anymore. I finally understand, why people tend to have fotos of their beloved ones on their desks… I’m now considering to have one of my baby here on my desk as well.

I decided to go back to the office when I met with some (ex-) colleagues for having a beer together. It was an awesome experience. We went to a beergarden closeby. It is raining every day at the moment, and sometimes it’s very heavy rain. On that day, it was raining again, but it was said in the evening it’s supposed to be nice again. Some of us were still afraid it would rain, so we were considering to go somewhere else. But one colleague found that the beergarden has an indoor seating as well. So in the end we went there. When we arrived, they told us, there would be no seat available, so we asked if we could sit outside and they agreed. Due to the weather, the offical door to the garden was not open, so we were led through the kitchen. We had the whole beergarden on our own, we were sitting with a heater under a roof in the rain all on our own. It was amazing! On that day, I decided to meet with my colleague every Monday in the office, to start having some contact again and it feels really good!

Last but not least, last weekend there was one single sunny day. We used that day to go to the little zoo closeby. It’s mainly hosting local animals as goats, sheep, horses, donkeys and some more “exotic” ones as peacocks and llamas. We wanted to see if our daughter is already intrested in something like that, and it showed she is not interested in the animals, but in the children running around and playing. So we didn’t stay long and went to the playground with her instead. Also here it was the first time, and we didn’t know what would happen. After one minute, she started to crawl around and we had to take care she was not getting too close to the slide or the see-saw. In the end she had a lot of fun, sitting in the sand and playing around with it. I was not expecting her to have that much fun, but it was great! Also it made us more confident thinking about her acclimatization in the kindergarten. She was getting along very well, interacting already with other children and was not scared at all. I guess she’ll be very happy being together with other children in the kindergarten!

So let’s see how it’ll work out in the next days. I’ll let you know!



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