back and forth with the kindergarten

As probably most full-time working parents, we decided to sign up our daughter for a spot in the kindergarten. We were really lucky and finally got a spot for her. It’s a really nice evangelical kindergarten, that is only 10min by foot away. Even though we are both not members of the church, this is close to perfect.

In the beginning they told us, we would get the spot from September on. Perfect for us, we would have had 2 months for our daughter getting used to be there, as my husband will be on parental leave until including October.

Some days later, they called us and told us, there are already some children starting in September and they want to take enough time for each of them, if it would be ok for us to start in October. Well still ok we said. This would mean only one month of acclimation period but we believe she’ll actually be easy going, as she’s quite easy with everything (except for sleeping). It also sounded as a good reason to move the starting date, it’s nice they want to take time for each child and be really there for the new children during the acclimation time.

In any way, we made an appointment with them for the contract, a talk about our daughter and a tour in the kindergarten. That was yesterday.

The day before, they called us again. They asked, if it would be possible for us to start already in July? Ok… that was a short notice but fine. She’ll be only 9 months and it might be a bit challenging for them and for her, but they said no problem at all, they can handle it. Ok 5th of July it is then.

Yesterday we finally went to the kindergarten the first time. It’s a really nice one, the teacher was friendly, warm and sympathic, we could talk about all our concerns and questions (about sleeping, eating, clothes etc) and they made us feel very comfortable. When we went home, we were really happy even though we have a lot to do in so little time now.

We had to get an appointment with the childrens doctor, because they need a medical statement that our daughter is healthy. We have to buy many things as shoes, a sitting pillow, a mug for the kindergarten, more clothes for the kindergarten and much more, but it’s still more than one week, so that should be enough time to get everything done.

Today… again the kindergarten called… There are some parents who insist to start right at the beginning of July, if we would kindly move the first day to the 14th of July? Well of course we can… Let’s see if the little girl will really go to the kindergarten the first time on 14th of July or if it will be any other date. And I’m already really happy to meet all those really nice other parents who insist on starting dates for the kindergarten. Let’s hope the first impression when I meet them will be more positive than it is now.

So let’s see, maybe we have a kindergarten child soon. I’ll keep you updated.



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