Finally summer is here!

We are currently visiting the grandparents again. They are living in small villages close to Berlin and both of them have their own houses with really nice gardens. Since it is finally summer and really hot these days, it is very nice being able to work from the garden and take a bath in the closeby lake.

For our daughter, the grandparents bought little swimming pools and she loves to bathe and splash around in the water. It’s so much fun watching her, she’s smiling and romping around.

Unfortunately, every time when we are visiting them, she’s theething… Also this time. So as usual, we are having some hard nights. But we are trying to see it optimistically: the sooner she’s getting her teeth, the sooner she’ll be done with it. She’s now 8 months old and already has 7 theeth, which is quite fast I’d say.

On Sunday we are going to go home. Fortunately, we have AC in the car, so it’s not too bad if it’s going to be hot on Sunday. But until then, we are enjoing the sun in the garden.



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