I got vaccinated!

On Saturday Morning, I could finally find appointments for vaccination for my husband and myself. I was very happy, because here in Germany some of the “freedoms” are coupled to a complete vaccination status. Of course this is mainly a very egoistic reason, but I suppose many think the same way. But I also highly appreciate the solidaric fact: the more people get vaccinated, the less people get infected and that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

So on Monday noon it was finally the day. Unfortuately, already my whole life, I tend to faint when I get injections. But if I get them when lying, it’s fine… It’s strange and always needs some special attention, but it’s something that can be handled.

After vaccination I felt good, and also the whole day. But during the night, I got a fever. The next morning, I still had a fever, headache, felt really sick and my arm hurt a lot. Unfortunately, it was my husbands birthday and I was sick the whole day.

Today, I’m feeling a lot better. I still have a slight headache and my arm still hurts, but I don’t have a fever anymore and don’t feel sick anymore. So all in all, one day of sickness is acceptable I’d say. Let’s wait for the second injection of course…

What I don’t like about the vaccinations is, that everyone now is asking which one did you get? First I thought this is a thing only in Germany, but today, I had a call with a Greek colleague living in Turin, Italy, and she was also asking wich one I got. I don’t know why this would be of interest. I got vaccinated and that’s the most important thing, no matter which company produced the vaccine. The faster we get vaccinated, the faster this stupid pandemic will end.



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