home office with a baby

So I’m more than one week back to work now.

It’s been quite a relaxed week from workload point of view. I’ve been busy with the new recordings almost every day, and whenever there was no recording session, I was busy listening back the recorded sentences, check if we need to do retakes and align the text with the audio. So all in all, I was busy, but not overwhelmed during the first days, which is good!

But from working space point of view, it was quite challenging. We bought a 90m² apartment last year and we are living in this apartment now. With the two of us, home office was no problem at all, but with the little baby girl, it’s different now. As you can see from what I’ve been doing the last week, my job is mainly about listening. I need to listen carefully, sometimes I’m with my headphones all day. Having a baby next door can be quite loud. Usually this would be not the biggest problem, I could try to ignore it, but this time it’s different as it is my baby. And during these days, she’s crying a lot.

First of all, she’s getting 2 new theeth. But usually, she’s still ok during day time when she’s teething. Except for when she’s tired. Secondly, she started to stand up. This is still incredible, but the other side of the coin is, she’s also falling a lot now. And when she is falling, she is crying.

So all in all, our daughter is quite loud and it’s hard for me to ignore this. Of course I know my husband is there and he is more than able to handle everything! But still, it’s hard when I know she might need a hug because she fell and I have to ignore it.

The only great thing about the home office at the moment is, that we finally have awesome weather and I can enjoy it on the rooftop in the hammock while working on the recordings!

Let’s hope we can leave the home office soon – but let’s also hope the weather will stay that good!



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