and suddenly, she stood

Today was quite a crazy day, which is why I decided to write a blog post today.

First of all, I’m finally back at work! It’s such a good feeling being back. Even though there are so many IT and HR problems to solve. I would never have thought there could be that many of those stupid problems… E.g. someone has deleted my parental leave from our time card system for this year, so at the moment I have minus 272 hours worked. I’m already trying to solve everything but it’s time consuming and annoying, especially since my boss has packed my first week of work with important recording sessions. But let’s hope for the best.

Then, suddenly today, while I was working, a Kindergarden was calling! We had actually already lost all hope to find a spot for our daughter, as 4/6 Kindergardens had already cancelled our applications for spots. We also tried to find a more private childcare, something like a Nanny, who is taking care for more than one child. But they are also all fully booked. So today, suddenly a Kindergarden called me and told me we have a spot for our daugther! This was such a relief!!! She can already start in September, wich is perfect as my husband will be on parental leave until including October, so we have enough time to get her used going there. Also it is the closest Kindergarden possible, only 10 minutes by foot. I’m really happy about this opportunity.

Our daughter is of course not understanding yet that she’ll become a Kindergarden child soon, but she’s growing and learning so fast! Everyone says since some weeks already, that it won’t take long anymore until she’ll crawl… well she still can’t, she’s moving forward – yes – but not really crawling. But since yesterday, shes getting to sit on her knees when holding something, like a lowboard or the sofa for example. And suddenly today, from kneeling, she lifted herself up and stood! Of course she was holding something to keep her balance. But nevertheless, she was standing on her own feet, without any help. It was an amazing moment. The little girl that was always just lying or sometimes sitting, when leaning against something, was standing!

Let’s see if she’ll start crawling someday or if she’ll skip it and start walking directly.

Okay, that’s it for now, have a nice end of week and even a nicer weekend afterwards!



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