enjoying the sunny day

Yesterday was the first sunny and nice day for weeks. It’s already almost June and I would love to have some more sun, but these days, it’s raining every day.

So we wanted to use the nice day yesterday to take a long walk outside.

When we wanted to start, we found out that our stroller is broken. I don’t know how this could happen, it’s actually stored safely in our basement and last time we used it, it was still ok. But now it is broken and we needed a solution. So we decided to take the bike trailer that we bought for longer tours. There we can switch the front wheel so that we have a stoller. It’s quite an old model that we bought used, so unfortunately it’s not very simple to switch the wheels, otherwise we would only use this trailer as a stoller. But it’s a bit inconvienient as our daughter cannot sit and stand yet. Otherwise she could simply wait outside the tailer until we switched the wheel and get in afterwards. So in the end we decided to look for a new buggy for her.

But in any way, we could finally start out walk. We live very close to the danube river and a forest is also nearby. We went first to the river and got some ice cream there.

Afterwards we headed towards the forest.

It was a very nice and calm day. Our daughter enjoyed the nature and the warm air. Unfortunately, she’s still too young for ice cream and also for the playground, so we decided not to go there as well.

After returning home, I had a look online for used buggys. And it seems we already found a good one! Today I will go there and might buy it if it’s a nice one.

Let’s hope for some more sun in the near future!



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