Hi there! Maybe you’ve been on this page before and wonder, what happened. Well I’m trying a restart in English.

So let’s get started.

For everyone who doesn’t know me (which is most likely the majority), I’m Katja. I’m 30 years old and today is my last day on parental leave. My little daughter was born last year in September and since then, I was taking care of her. Now it’s time to get back to work and my husband is going to be on parental leave for the next 5 months.

I’m living in Germany, in a small town in Bavaria. Here it is still quite uncommon that the father is taking such a long time off, but we decided it is the best thing to do. First of all, we can both take care for our little bee for a time and get a good bonding. Secondly, but not less important, I’m not out of the office for a whole year. I think it is quite a disadvantage in professional life, that usually the women take at least one year off for childcare. At least here in Germany, this is the most common way to handle it.

In any way, my parental leave is over today. On Tuesday I will have to work again (Monday is a public holiday in Germany). I’m looking back on a time with a lot of ups and downs. Of course, I love my daughter and I love spending time with her and see her growing and learning new skills, but honestly, it was not the most interesting time of my life.

It might be due to the pandemic, which is why we couldn’t really do anything except for taking walks. We couldn’t meet other young families, go to baby swimming, crawling groups or just in caf├ęs.

It could also be due to the fact, that my husband and I, we are not the biggest Baby persons. I love the idea of having a toddler and spend time with her, but babies can be a big burden with very little outcome in the end. Please don’t hate me for those words, I know many parents say a smile of your children will pay you off, but seriously? It doesn’t.

Well this was going in a very negative direction. I wasn’t this negative all the time, I’m just really happy that I can go back to work and spend time with my daugther in the afternoon, evenings and weekends.

Anyways, I will try to write something about my life every week and I hope you’ll enjoy it!



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